The Greatness Of Allah In Haiti: A Masjid Did Not Collapse

Last Tuesday (19/01), a group of Muslims from the Islamic community in the Carribean, arrived in Port-au-Prince bringing with them the needed aids.

The leader of the contingent told about his experience in Haiti: “We arrived in Haiti safely. We stayed at Masjid At-Tauhid in Port-au-Prince for a while on that day.”

“We then made a move without delay, because we know that our brothers and sisters did not have enough food and water, whereas this city itself is in a devastated state. Day and night, we see people queuing to get gasoline.

“The Muslim brothers helped us to unload the goods from the trucks that transported the aids. They, their wives and children were too happy to see the food and drinks. Seeing us, they cried while uttering the takbeer “Allahu Akbar!” They apparently had been waiting for us the whole day. After unloading, we performed the solatul Isha’ in jama’ah. May Allah help us all!

In the morning of 20th January, another strong aftershock, measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale, hit the quake-ravaged Haiti, causing panic among the people. At that time we are lying down inside the masjid taking a rest after the solat Fadjr when suddenly we were awakened by a quake. Every body started to cry the shahadah and rushed outside into the streets. All praises be to Allah, some buildings nearby the masjid collapsed but the masjid is still standing strong.”

The masjid in Port-au-Prince is now becoming a shelter for the Islamic community as well as for the non-Muslims. Those who could not stand it inside the masjid, stayed in the tents set up around the masjid.

Many people were injured and required medical treatments, food and water. Some Muslim NGO’s have actually sent humanitarian aids, but they were apparently still insufficient for all.

The members of the aids organizations also met their Haitian Muslim brothers and sisters in masjid At-Tauhid, and invited them for discussions.

Abu Bakr, one of the survivors said that the earthquake had killed his younger brother. His brother was found dead under the rubbles. He reverted to Islam a few months before his death. Abu Bakr now lives in the masjid.

The situation is really difficult. There are not enough food, clothes and medicines. Moreover, the main scarcity is the drinking water.

Corpses are still sprawling along the streets in Haiti. As a regulation, the corpses are placed inside a special building, which has the signboard labelled: “Corpses here.” A lot of people still have not received aids. Most of the humanitarian aids are still in the airport under the control of the UN.


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