Russian Muslims issue fatwa forbidding marriages with Christians and Jews

Dagestani legal scholars (alims) have issued a legal pronouncement (fatwa), strongly advising Muslim men against marrying Christian or Jewish women, reports website, citing the canonical department of Russia’s Central Spiritual Governance for Muslims.
The religious ruling was adopted after a young Dagestani man residing in Moscow had inquired if he could marry a Russian girl he met there. Basing their decision on Shariat, spokespersons from the Dagestan’s Spiritual Governance canonical department ruled that the present day Christian and Jewish women differ greatly from “the people of the Book” and cannot be considered acceptable marriage partners, as approved by the Koran.
“If a girl goes to church, it does not necessarily mean that she is a true woman of the Book, because these religions have undergone severe distortions, “ the Dagestani fatwa says.
Following the adopted pronouncement, alims have reasoned that Muslims should be very cautious about marrying Christian and Jewish women, the Russian website reports.

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