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Aggressive women unlikely to be promoted at work

London: Women who want to succeed at work should resist the temptation to act like men, scientists said yesterday. Their studies show that women who take an aggressive approach are often less likely to get ahead than those who exhibit … Continue reading

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John Mohammed Butt: The hippy who became an imam

  Forty years after following the hippy trail to South Asia, John Butt is still living in the region, and still spreading a message of peace and love – though now as an Islamic scholar. As our car turned around … Continue reading

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The Veiled Threat – a documentary by Rabia Z.

Questioning the servitude of forced veiling or unveiling in shared spaces, Rabia Z an Arab, Afghani American Muslim takes on a journey across six nations, hotbeds of the veiling controversy- France, Afghanistan, Pakistan, USA, UK and UAE –to find a … Continue reading

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Saudi workingwomen: We don’t squander our wages

JEDDAH: The question where Saudi women spend their salaries has been on the minds of many people, especially since single women live with their parents and hardly have any costs. However, the fact is that Saudi women pay for their … Continue reading

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